Who Can Become a Security Guard or Bodyguard?

Security guards are a growing force in the work industry around the world. This specific industry is ascending at an alarming rate due to the ever expanding emphasis on safety and security in the workplace and anywhere with medium to high traffic and crowds.

The more popular the public space, the more the need for security guards, not just for protection but for safety and crowd control. Whether you’re doing security at a Hungry Jacks in Australia,

Look around and you’ll see that everywhere you go including the mall, public parking lots, night clubs, private events, concerts, expositions, and the prisons to name a few you will see the presence of these stoic employees keeping a watchful eye over the general public.

Bodyguards are also in a growing industry as so many more celebrities, politicians, and VIPs look for extra protection these days.


How much do security guards and bodyguards get paid? What is a security guard or bodyguards salary?

There is very good pay for many security guards due to the nature of their work. Jobler.com shows that the average salary for security guards is $25,000, while the high end salary is $47,000.

Of course, supervisors and managers as well as corporate employees stand to make more.

States like California, New York, and Illinois have a higher median salary of over $31,000 per year for security guards.

Bodyguards have an average salary of $55,000 while the high end bodyguard salary can be roughly $180,000-$200,00 plus. On top of that, many sign daily contracts for short term work of $500-$1,500 a day or more depending on how much experience you have and what your skill set is.

Who can be a bodyguard or security guard?

This question gets asked a lot. Security guards are both men and women and they strive to protect the people and the premises they watch over. It’s their job to make sure the rules are enforced. When they aren’t they also have a responsibility to find a solution for the problem that is going to work best.

Security guards are employed to help reduce the number of crimes that take place out there. Most people are more respectful of their surroundings when they see security officers are in place. It’s really a psychological thing and makes for a great deterrent from vandals and criminals. When you consider the conflicts that can arise among people at any type of gathering then you really need to have a good line of protection in place.

This is why security guards are well trained for the jobs they take part in. The types of training that they are provided really depends on what they will be doing. For example individuals that are keeping cell blocks secure at a prison are going to be trained very differently than those offering security for a concert that is sold out to maximum capacity.

The companies that offer security guards want to make sure they have a solid reputation in the industry. They certainly don’t want to lose business to their competitors. This is why they often have very high criteria in place for those individuals they hire. They want to be confident that their business is very well represented out there.

It can prove to be a difficult job though (as you can see in this video), and often a thankless one as well especially when you’re working at a really busy venue like concerts, festivals, malls during the holidays, stadiums, etc… Many security guards Los Angeles have found their own lives in danger at one time or another as they try to protect other people. They have to be able to stay cool under pressure and to think quickly. Being able to stay alert and to be confident in their decisions is also very important to their success.

Of course this type of work isn’t right for everyone. Even with good wages there are people that simply don’t do well with this type of work. Some people are too intimidated to follow the procedures. Others are too hot headed and they take what goes on around them personally instead of keeping it all on a professional level.

Yet there are many men and women out there working every day as security guards Los Angeles. They take great pride in what they do and strive to offer the very best services every single day when they are on the job, even if the premises is secured with surveillance security cameras. If you are interested in stepping into such a role you are strongly encouraged to find out about the available job opportunities.

Security Guards for Private Events

We all know what security guards are. We see them every day almost everywhere we go. Security guards are an invaluable asset to today’s society especially since there’s a big emphasis on safety.

Security guards go through some pretty intensive training. Intensive combat and self defense training is a top priority because of the many dangers that they face on a daily basis.

Former military personnel train to become security guards because they have instilled in them a “serve and protect the people” mentality.

Some of the basic training includes self defense classes, law classes, and basic criminal justice. You will learn different techniques to fight terrorism.

Despite the fact that they are not there to arrest people, they do have the authority to make a citizen’s arrest and help with law enforcement until the law officers can get there.

private events security guards for hire

Training also covers some emergency medical procedures in case of fires or medical emergencies. Every company will complete a criminal background check on any potential employee for our security guard positions.

Security services also tend to hire those who have some sort of former military experience.

Career minded people who choose to become security guards take on an important role that many companies need.

Managers and supervisors in charge feel a lot more at ease having them there to watch over everything. Ever since 9/11 the need for properly trained security guards has increased dramatically.

Over the past few years though the term security guard has been replaced with such terms as security officer or security agent just to get away from the stereotype that the word guard brings to mind.

Security guards can be found in many places today.

Unarmed and armed security guard jobs

Unarmed and armed security guards work in casinos, banks, federal office buildings, and almost anywhere that you can think of.

Security guard jobs on the rise. Studies show that within the next ten years, there will be as many as 350,000 new jobs in the security field. We need security guards to protect us, our loved ones, and our valuables.

If you think about it, these brave individuals are willing to set aside their own lives to protect everything that is dear to us including not only material things, but also our pride and our privacy, especially if they are security guards for private events.

Executive protection, event staff, and security guards can be hired through companies to protect their buildings, warehouses, offices, etc. You can also hire security guards for private events.

For example, people who are throwing a wedding reception might hire security guards for the night.

Now these security guards won’t be experts in martial arts or even come close to skills by the late great Bruce Lee, but they will be highly trained in self defense and guard tactics as well as emergency and medial aid among other things.

This is to ensure that people who are not invited to attend do not crash the party. Lots of people show up to events that are not supposed to.

Usually if criminals catch wind of large gatherings or crowds, they are apt to join the party. This is why we need security guards for private events.

Here’s a nice lesson on wrist locks from martial arts expert Samir Seif

Security guards for private events also take on the responsibility of guarding people’s vehicles and other such valuables.

Some of these security guards for private events might even need to shield certain clientele from the prying eyes of the press and paparazzi.

For instance, say a famous movie star makes a total fool of themselves at a privately held event, the hired security guards for this particular event will make certain that their privacy is not violated by crazed paparazzi.