How to Become a Security Guard or Bodyguard

Becoming a part time security guard would allow you to be involved with the day to day security operations of any corporation that you are watching over.

You should be maintaining positive working relationships with other employees, public officials, and the general public who will be coming in and out of the building or premises that you are protecting.

Become a Security Guard or Bodyguard

bodyguard and security guard jobsSecurity guard jobs mean that you must be able to handle any kind of tense and stressful types of situations, such as gang problems, vandalism, onsite fights and even a variety of multiple chaotic situations simultaneously.

Imagine a riot or looting at a shopping mall by dozens of people at dozens of stores at the same time.

It’s no lax job either because you may be required to be alert and stand for an extended period of time without a the standard lunch hour or multiple breaks.

You must be in good shape too because a lot of places need you to be able to lift heavy things or even push back crowds and keep protesters from advancing or gathering in a lobby that you’re watching over.

If there are fights that you have to break up, you might even be targeted or thugs can even turn and fight you. Many security guards have found themselves in fights and have had to take some hard blows.

Some places might require you to stand guard at nightclubs, bars, raves, concerts, and other types of places that serve alcohol, and anywhere alcohol is served, things can get rowdy and out of hand quickly.

In the past, security guards were able to sit for the most part of the day and read a book and just waste away the day.

That’s pretty much changed these days and now you’ll be required to stand guard and be alert throughout your whole shift.

There are to many instances these days that are happening worldwide. Terrorist alerts are pushing corporations to beef up their security for maximum protection and to keep the premises extra secure.

Consider a career in security if you’re looking for a good part time job that allows you to interact with the public and sharpen your self defense instincts.

Security guards are also pretty much guaranteed to have a stable and secure future.

You will be required to take ongoing classes to keep up to date in the world of security and to learn more self defense tactics.

You’ll even find many former police and military personnel being employed as security guards, bodyguards, and vip protection.

Become a Bodyguard

Bodyguards have to be even more skilled in self defense and disarming people.

They are hired for personal protection for celebrities, athletes, socialites, politicians, and anyone that is of importance.

Bodyguards may seem glamorous but they are on high alert 24/7 when they are hired.

Protecting celebrities from crazy fans and stalkers can be a daunting task so staying sharp is paramount in this field of expertise.

Taking ongoing martial arts and tactic defense is just a daily habit for people in this profession.