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In addition to a design and a platform that work perfectly, a project of electronic commerce precise to be different itself from the rest, as well as to count on tools of analytical Web that allow to have a clear vision of the origin of the sales and the famous return of the investment

Thanks to the team of professionals with whom I collaborate continuously, I offer services beyond the design and development of a store online.

Freelance design of stores online

Design of stores online

The design has to be directed and adapted the potential client, must facilitate the access to the information and give an impeccable, differentiating image. I present proposals of design that could be reviewed until final approved his, without limiting the time nor the effort until obtaining it.

Design adapted stores online to mobiles

Adaptability to movable devices

Nowadays the sum of traffic from mobiles and tablets already surpasses to the traffic from computers, reason why it is fundamental that the store adapts to any device from which is visited it. The design proposals will include visualizations in diverse the size of screen.

Design stores online with freelance Prestashop

Prestashop platform for electronic commerce

I have chosen Prestashop as main solution e-commerce for being one of most flexible, powerful and used of the market. In addition to all that with the sale, it offers additional invoicing, statistics, modules and an excellent capacity of integration with systems of analytical, emailing, carriers, TPV, etc.

Analytical freelance Web for stores online

Analytical Web for stores online

It is fundamental to have a vision of the origin of the sales, to know where he is profitable to invest. I start up customized plans of measurement on the basis of the objectives of the project, so that a clear vision of the return of the investment can be had, is possible to be optimized the process of purchase, etc. [+ info]

Connectivity with ERP for stores online

Connectivity with its ERP

If it is also had physical store, the project will require a correct connectivity between the store online and the physics, as much concerning product catalogue as concerning stock. I facilitate a correct integration between the systems that take part in the sale structure.

Freelance legal cover for stores online

Legal texts and adaptation LOPD

In order to protect the personal rights of the user and their data, the laws every time are more demanding with the commerce online, reason why it is important to count on services of legal consultant's office that guarantee that the project fulfills the required thing in this sense yet. [+ info]

Hosting and domains for stores online

Hosting and domains

I offer services of Hosting for stores online and purchase of domains, considering that as much the speed of load as the geographic location of the servant is factors that affect to search engine optimization.