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EvNote Web Designer Web Freelance

Design Web

Designer Freelance Web

The webpage of a company or professional is the center of its identity online, reason why it is important that customized and it is adapted to his profile of users, as well as to mark some objectives clear and to guide the visitor towards them

Design of webpages

As facade of the vps hosting company or professional activity, the design has to be oriented the objective public and agrees that he is customized. In addition:

Through a opened phase of design, I am presenting propose that can be reviewed until they obtain the final approved one, without limiting the time nor the effort necessary to obtain it.

Services associated to the design Web

Search engine optimization SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO)

If in addition to offering a Web €œshowcase€? that serves as support to our strategy of marketing offline, we want that he is able to bring clients by itself to us, one of the most important channels is the organic traffic. [+ info]

Managing CMS of freelance content

Managers of content

, Most frequent and for a long time competitive he is that the proprietor can modify or extend the contents of the page by his account. This avoids great part of the operating expenseses and assures that the page always will be updated, becoming a useful tool instead of a ballast that €œgives laziness€? to have to the day.

Analytical freelance Web

Analytical Web, plans of measurement

I help to start up plans of analytical measurement, thanks to which it is possible to know the origin our visits, the effectiveness of the campaigns and the return of the investment in the pay channels (Adwords, Display publicity, etc.) [+info]

Freelance legal cover

Legal cover

The laws every time are more demanding in their attempt to protect the rights and the data of the user. I offer advising on the obligations basic that all website must take care of, as well as the writing of corresponding legal texts, high of files in the Spanish Agency of Protection of Data, etc. [+info]

Hosting and domains

Hosting and domains

The election of a good supplier of cheap unlimited web hosting is not simple, and is quite important. It influences in the speed of load (an aspect that affects to the positioning, along with the physical location of the servant), in the rate of falls of the page, the probabilities of falling in Spam lists, etc. I offer services of Hosting and purchase of domains, and facilitate the support in a comprehensible and near language.

Freelance design of logos

Design of logos

The logo is a basic part of our digital identity, is going to be the presentation letter during all the professional activity, reason why it is important to feel proud and represented very well by him. After collecting all the necessary data, through an open phase of design I am presenting propose that is polished until final approving.