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(2) 10/08/2005 18:47 h

Methodology designer Web

Methodology designer freelance Web

Each project is different, but always ground to use a methodology similar to the following one, I have verified that helps to be advancing step by step of clear form and without surprises.
Of course, there is a possibility of modifying it and to adapt it, is an initial proposal.

PHASE I €“ Home


PHASE II - graphical Development and interactive Development


PHASE III €“ Contained and SEO


PHASE IV - Closing of the project


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04/06/2017 03:41 h

Hello would Alvaro, want to do two asks to you?
I just finish learning design Web and have some restlessness.
1-Al moment for finishing your project, so that half, format is sent in design Web to the client? And if also it is sent all the folders (Css, images, js, etc)?
2-If I for example create a design store Web online, and once finished to the project yet and development Web and this raising in the Internet, also that when is lie down-online one this is constant change (adds images, but supplies, etc). And that is work to add images, all those things of that serious the work. Or perhaps with the development Web, is the client already able to modify his own page?
I wait for your answer


04/01/2018 12:34 h

Hello Daniel, normally a project Web gives himself raising it directly to the final servant, that is to say, that once finished we raised all the files the servant of the client, so that the Web is published. And your second question would be on maintenance of contents, this can make it the own client if the Web has a CMS (manager of contents), but in any case is something that remembers in each project, following the needs, of the abilities of the client, the objectives as far as positioning, etc. a greeting!

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