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Getafe, City of Angels, collective exhibition


In November of 2004 I had the pleasure to participate in a collective exhibition organized by the City council of Getafe (Area of Culture) that it summoned to great number of artists, uniting them in the call €œAssembly of creators€?.

Each member of the Assembly created a work or series of works inspired by the phrase €œGetafe City of Angels€? and created exclusively for this one project.
With those works the City council organized a exhibition adding to each work a small story realised by a poet or different writer.
Each of these texts is inspired by each work, not as critic to the same, but as creative complement.

The poetry that accompanied my work was:

If I look I am outside. If I look I am inside. The same position and in the hands red rhombuses and a slight color of rust. One hundred rhombuses in the eyes and them the same sky, the same ground. The world is parceled out in rhombuses and each some of them are a memory. When rising the view is happened to me that most perfect, most regular, it is the rhombus that evokes the childhood.

Julián Puerto Rodríguez

I participated with the following series of 3 photographies:

He photographs, Personnel, Several

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