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(0) 14/08/2005 19:25 h

Profiles, exhibition of my photographies in the FenderClub room


From the 22 of June until the home of September of 2005, I had set out a series of 21 photographies in the room FenderClub de Getafe (Madrid). 
For that they did not go to see them, here it is the virtual representation of the exhibition.

He is not the same to see them online, the images were better the size which they were positivadas (28 by 43 cm approximately) and in the disposition that they had in the room, but to become an idea, this serves. 

After its retirement, I went giving the photos to the near ones, no longer is almost no in my house€¦

Profiles, exhibition of photography

Cave Cage Cave Awning Cave Awning Smoky centers Depopulated of Rock, Navarre Djnaa the Fnaa, in Marrakesh, Morocco Javi in bonfires of San Juan, Pamplona Mosque of Cordoba Reflection of the treasure Bicycles and movement I Bicycles and movement II Rustic flower in Avila Skillful in Thailand Temple in Thailand Monks in Thailand El Observador, Avila Boy in Thailand Children in Thailand Boy in Thailand Ladies in Portugal Children to backlighting
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