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Guide: Familiarize to you with the necessary thing to choose a designer Web

Guide: Familiarize to you with the necessary thing to choose a designer Web

This guide does not try to treat on all the aspects about the design Web in some lines, it is only an explanation in broad strokes of some important aspects with which she agrees to become familiar facing deciding what is needed and to choose a suitable professional who realises it.

He beats in the titles to unfold a brief description.

Design adaptable Web, or Responsive Design

Freelance Responsive design

Nowadays, the sum of traffic from mobiles and tablets already surpass slightly to the one of the computers, reason why it is fundamental that the pages are seen correctly from all type of devices.

The design adaptable Web (or Responsive Design) is the present form and recommendable to design and to develop webpages, it obtains that they adapt automatically to the size of screen available. It avoids the necessity to create a version for mobiles, another one for writing-desk, another one for tablets, etc., being created an only page that adapts to any size.

Managers of content (CMS)

Managing CMS of freelance content

Formerly the different pages that composed a website programmed one by one, so that to modify or to extend the contents manual of the developer needed the intervention.

, Now most frequent it is to create the webpages so that they have a manager of contents (Content Management System, or CMS), a tool who allows the proprietor to modify or to extend the contents by his account, using a deprived area of his webpage. The information is kept in a data base, and thanks to a friendly interface, the proprietor can make changes of simple and immediate form. This comes up with operating expenseses of contents, in case of becoming jumbled the proprietor in this task, and allows to work the search engine optimization of a more competitive form.

It exists a great supply of content managers, is some especially are extended (perhaps most famous they are Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Prestashop and Blogger) and are also many created by the own companies of development Web. Independent of the CMS that is chosen, he is very interesting to have one.

Platforms of electronic commerce

Electronic commerce Prestashop

They are a type of managers of content (CMS) especially conceived for e-commerce. They offer functionalities as the management, shopping cart of the catalogue, clients, orders, a system of invoicing, etc. As he would be extremely expensive to develop all those functionalities for an only project, prefabricated platforms are used, that in their majority are gratuitous. The derived costs are for installation, design of the public part, personalisation and configuration.

A great variety of them exists, Prestashop is in my opinion most flexible, used, and adapted for the majority of projects of electronic commerce.

Natural positioning in finders (SEO)

Search engine optimization SEO

She is one disciplines in constant evolution, a process that tries as far as possible to improve the visibility of a website in the different finders.
At first one is a gratuitous service, the web search engines do not receive to appear in his pages of results, but the high level of existing competition does necessary to dedicate many efforts to secure an appreciable visibility.

As much it is thus, that sometimes it needs a significant investment stops:

  • To define an suitable strategy, with the help of a professional in the matter
  • To constantly create original contents and of quality, and to optimize them suitably
  • To spread these contents in social networks, and to obtain connections to them from other pages

 Google is the majority finder, and changes its criteria at the time of positioning the pages in its results constantly, reason why the SEO is not an exact nor stable science, being advisable not to depend exclusively on this source of traffic.

Positioning of payment in finders (SEM)

SEM search engine optimization

One is the payment announcements that the finders place between the natural results. In the case of Google, the product is called Adwords and they identify by the word €œAnnouncement€? on bottom orange.

The cost by click will depend on the amount of advertisers who bid up by the search, and is recommendable to count on the help of a professional to optimize the announcements, you bid up them, to quantify the return of the investment, and to obtain that it finishes being a channel of profitable investment.

Analytical Web

Analytical freelance Web

It is the work area whose objective is to remove to useful conclusions from the collected data of the surroundings Web of a company, thus helping to create strategies that improve their yield.
Through a measurement plan, the tools start up that allow to analyze and to work in two differentiated areas:

  • The behavior of the user within the website: of this form it is possible to optimize the different steps that the user must give to fulfill the raised objectives (to buy a product, to unload a file, to fill in a form, etc.) and to eliminate the possible barriers that are
  • To know the origin the visits and the yield of each one of the sources of traffic, being thus allowed to select the channels in which he is more profitable to invest


Marketing online

Being able to define of many different forms, one is after all the used techniques and strategies to promote and to sell products or services through average digitalises.
The main channels of work would be:

  • Search engine optimization, as much the organic one (SEO) as the one of payment (SEM)
  • The social networks
  • The Display publicity (banners or announcements in other pages)
  • The email marketing, shipment of commercial communications by email

It needs the analytical Web to a great extent to be able to operate, since there is to be based on data to testear different strategies to each other and to make right decisions.

LSSI, Law of Services of the Society of the Information and Electronic Commerce

Adjustment LSSI

Law in force that determines the obligations that all website must fulfill, among others things is the one to offer to the user a legal warning and a warning of cookies. Also it regulates all that with the rights of the consumer as far as the electronic commerce.

LOPD, Statutory law of Protection of Personal Character data

Adjustment LOPD

Law in force that indicate the procedures and obligations that are due to comply with when compiling personal character data of the users. The sanctions in case of breach are very elevated.

Flash and the animations

Nowadays they are scarce, but some ago years he was very frequent to see pages realised with Flash. Pages loaded of animations, music could be identified for being and a special interactivity.

In spite of his visual virtues, he presents certain disadvantages since, to not being standard code HTML, the finders cannot understand their content, and many users cannot either load it since he is an additional software that can or not to be installed in his machines.

He had a commercial battle with the Apple brand after which it has been in disuse and by general norm he is not recommendable to use it for the construction of a website.

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