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Why there are people who always appear connected in Skype?

Why there are people who always appear connected in Skype?

If you use Skype, it is probable that you see some of your always connected contacts, even in little usual schedules. This can mean that they work too much, but most probable he is them is happening an extended error very at the time of closing the sessions in Skype.

In some devices, mainly in the mobiles and in which they use Windows 8, when closing the application does not close absolutely the session. This is because the application maintains the connected session so that new messages can arrive alert when receiving.


It can be happening to me?

Indeed, if you installed or you used Skype in some other device, or if you use Windows 8, he is probable that you always appear connected in view of your contacts, giving therefore a somewhat strange image.

Argh! And how I can know it?

He is simple, you only must write and send to a chat anyone the chain €ś/showplaces€? (without the quotation marks). You do not worry, the other person is not going to receive nothing. You will see a list of the sessions opened with your account.

And now, how I solve the subject?

In order to close all the other sessions, it writes and it sends the chain €ś/remotelogout€? (without the quotation marks). If this does not work, it opens Skype from the devices €śghost€? and closes the session. I talk about to close the session, not to close the program. Later already you can close the program normally.


It is not that he is something very important, but in a professional profile can give bad image to always appear connected, more than nothing because most of people do not know that this problem exists and can give the sensation of which own life is not had:)

If it has served to you, compártelo with the contacts that you have in this situation!

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