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Google puts a date limit to adapt the pages to mobiles

Google puts a date limit to adapt the pages to mobiles

Finally, Google has determined a €śD-day€? for those webpages that are not adapted to movable devices. As of day 21 of April of 2015 they will fall of positions in the searches conducted from those devices.

It has been time recommending to massively do it from its tool Webmaster Tools, sending alert to webmasters of websites that are not adapted for movable devices, but now has taken a step and it has more defined a date after which it is going to have consequences in case of not taking care of this requirement. In its official official notice (in English) the information can be extended.

But, it is going to disappear my Web of all the results of Google?

The idea is not that, it will only affect to the searches realised from movable devices, and it does not threaten the total disappearance either. But it makes clear that it will give priority to the adapted websites, reason why the fall of positions will be very important. And since the users rarely happen of the second or third page, a fall of this type means the practical disappearance.

And how I can know if my Web is adapted?

In order to leave doubts, it offers a simple tool online to verify it.
It is necessary to write the direction of the website and only to beat €śTo analyze€?
It can take control with home of the website, or of any inner direction.

How I adapt my Web to movable devices?

Mainly there is a pair of techniques:

 Google nonspecific what technical is had to use, but we know that it likes plus the Responsive Web Design.

It is worth the trouble to do it?

The traffic from movable devices has grown vertiginously in the last years, the sum of traffic from mobile and tablet surpasses already to the one desktop and the tendency increases, reason why beyond this movement on the part of Google, to offer a friendly version for mobiles has become of natural form something important/essential for the majority of projects Web.
So in my opinion, yes that is worth the trouble to do it.

How it is possible that because of Google I have who to spend a money to me in adapting my page?

Here we entered an interesting debate. The certain thing is that Google has a monopoly that gives fear, and usually makes movements of questionable. In my opinion it is €śconviertiendo itself in a tiny beast€? of much care, but not by the reason that we are speaking now.  
It is enough with making a search very competed as can be €śalarms home€? to see that it has won totally the natural space with his announcements of payment (Adwords, Shopping), with which is becoming of gold. One assumes that its objective is to work for the user, but seems that the money is corrupting to him, the truth.
However this last movement has its logic, if a user is looking for information from a movable terminal, would have to before show the contents to him that are adapted to their device, more than nothing perhaps because on the contrary it is not able to accede to the information.

Independent of the reasons that take to us to adapt our pages to the new devices, it is a good idea to be able to also connect with the users of the movable devices since they represent the majority of the traffic and sooner or later is going to be totally essential to do it.

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