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EvNote Web Designer Web Freelance

Designer freelance Web

Designer freelance Web

From 2003 work exclusively as designer freelance Web, they are or than 12 years more designing and developing to webpages for my own clients or other companies and agencies of design who do not have place setting this service.

Alive to horse between Navarre and Madrid, working for clients of different communities from the national territory as Madrid, Navarre, Valencia, Castille-La Mancha, Andalusia, Galicia, Catalonia, etc., thanks to the fact that the geographic location does not present any disadvantage in the surroundings Web.

That how I can only serve so many different?

It would be impossible! In 2009 I was associated with Txomin Bengoa, another professional of the sector and a great friend, and we worked elbow with elbow since then. We have similar and simultaneously complementary profiles, together we offer a greater fan of services, and at a higher level of quality.
And dice the growth, the specialization and the competitiveness of the sector, during all these years been surrounding to me in addition to a solid team of collaborators highly specialized in diverse areas of the surroundings Web. It is by means of the work where it is really known a collaborator, and after doing it in so many projects successfully I can be sure that I have surrounded myself by the best ones in each area.
From a specialistic lawyer in legality Web, happening through editors, developer of App's, Community Managers, illustrators, developer in very specific surroundings (connectors with ERP's, intranets), and a long list of others, with that endorsement with himself to serve integral, of quality, and to a competitive price.

Designer independent Web

My form to approach a new project is well simple:)

Each project Web is different, and thus it must be, since one of the needs that share all is the importance of being different itself. It is by that like to speak I calmly with my clients and to understand, to advise to them to them as far as possible and to adapt my services to his needs, besides too much restricted packages that lie down not to work in the majority of the cases. However, since one of my objectives has been to adapt to me to great and small budgets, also I offer less customized economic solutions.

We speak, is the best form to receive advising and to begin to establish a confidence relation with that could upon maturity take the digital image of your company or professional profile, a key area for the success in the businesses.