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What contents I can offer on Facebook to generate hearing?

What contents I can offer on Facebook to generate hearing?

I always advise to have a page on Facebook to be in touch with the users where they spend his time, cultivating a relation with them and obtaining there that they visit the webpage to contract to our services or products, recommend to us, etc.

It sounds well, and probably already you have a page in this well-known social network, you have formed it of the best possible form and next you have thought:  but, what type of information I can offer?

First of all you have to know that she is one of the doubts appellants and to which more faces most of the users. Badly managed it can take to you to only publish your products and supplies (or not to publish anything) and this it is not a good idea if it does not go accompanied of a strategy of communication better conceived.

How it does not have on Facebook to be your strategy

You have to think that most of your followers do not need your products/services at the moment that read your content. If you only offer commercial information to them, probably they lose the interest and they stop following to you.
Not to mention the users who do not follow to you. If they only happen through your profile and they see prices and product descriptions that do not need, are very probable that they happen of length and followers do not become.

The correct strategy: )

The key is: it offers useful, interesting information, that it is not loaded of commercial speech. A user who is staring at his page of Facebook, if your content is to him interesting, will consume it. For example: if you had a company of reforms, you could publish contents related to the do-it-yourself work. Perhaps users who are not then considering to realise a reform, are interested in advice exceeds how to realise some €śshoddy work€?, and if in your page they find useful information, probably they read it and they follow to you.
Perhaps those people throughout the time consider to make a reform, or are a friend his who needs it, and will be then when this strategy will culminate: they will remember your company, and they will recommend/will visit/will contract to you.
He is useless to try to sell on Facebook of immediate form, is important that you have present that is an opening channel, hearing generator, of loyalty, that works in the mid term, and that must be based on offering original contents, useful and of quality.

More ideas/examples of contents to generate hearing

As professional of your sector, you must much say. Doubt does not fit to you. When you find the suitable subject, they ten confidence in which you will know to contribute interesting information to your hearing, and that will benefit to you.  

If it has interested to you, compártelo!

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