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The thymus of the email of Post office, the one of ENDESA, and some keys not to be hackeado

The thymus of Post office

The fraudulent post office are the bread ours of every day, but lately several clients have to us counted who have been victims of whom she circulates supplanting the identity of Post office, with very serious consequences. And very recently, a very similar thymus makes its appearance, but supplanting ENDESA.

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30/05/2016 20:11 h Development Web, Design Web, Several (1)

Curiosity: harmonic polifĂłnico song

Harmonic polifĂłnico song

You knew that it is possible to sing at the same time emitting two different notes? Harmonic the polifĂłnico song allows independently to use two lines different from voice.

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17/08/2015 17:16 h Music, Several (0)

Help to the creation and modernization of webpages in Navarre

Help to the creation and modernization of webpages in Navarre

The Government of Navarre finishes opening to the term of presentation of requests of help (between the 40 and 60% of the investment) for the creation and update of webpages, and implantation of stores online.

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22/05/2015 01:22 h Development Web, Designer freelance Web, Design Web, Stores online, Several (0)

Why there are people who always appear connected in Skype?

Why there are people who always appear connected in Skype?

If you use Skype, it is probable that you see some of your always connected contacts, even in little usual schedules. This can mean that they work too much, but most probable he is them is happening an extended error very at the time of closing the sessions in Skype.

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22/03/2015 12:59 h Designer freelance Web, Several (0)

Participation in the A-42 Magazine, Arco 2005

Participation in the A-42 Magazine

Realised from the City council of Getafe (Area of Culture), this one magazine among others made things to expose itself in Arco 2005 and to take it to galleries and places specialized in contemporánero art worldwide.
In order to be sold in Arco 2005 it had a dedicated stand.

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03/09/2005 19:14 h It photographs, Personnel, Several (0)

Profiles, exhibition of my photographies in the FenderClub room


From the 22 of June until the home of September of 2005, I had set out a series of 21 photographies in the room FenderClub de Getafe (Madrid). 
For that they did not go to see them, here it is the virtual representation of the exhibition.

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14/08/2005 19:25 h It photographs, Personnel, Several (0)

Some musical recordings

Some of my musical recordings

Here recopilatorio of music goes small that I record in my homemade study, touching a little €śall the woods€?, to spend the short while more than nothing:)

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02/06/2005 20:44 h Music, Personnel, Several (0)

Getafe, City of Angels, collective exhibition


In November of 2004 I had the pleasure to participate in a collective exhibition organized by the City council of Getafe (Area of Culture) that it summoned to great number of artists, uniting them in the call €śAssembly of creators€?.

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18/12/2004 18:47 h It photographs, Personnel, Several (0)