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Legal cover

Legal cover

Because any project Web has to be suitable to the effective legislation (at the risk of important sanctions), I offer an integral service in this area, adapted to the needs of each project.

The laws are the LSSI (Law, 34/2002, of Services of the Society of the Information and Electronic Commerce) and the LOPD (Statutory law, 15/1999, of 13 of December, Protection of Personal Character data), and to cover their fulfillment I offer different services:

Legal warning

Information must to include identifying basic, that it allows the people to know who is behind, being a content that is to be suitable to the sector, the activity and the characteristics of the own Web. In my case I lie down to also include basic aspects related to the conditions of use of contents (intellectual property) and aspects regarding the management of contents (for example, the moderation of commentaries).

Warning of cookies

It must inform on the cookies that are used are own or into third parties (Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc.) being necessary to analyze them previously and to adapt the corresponding legal text.

Emailing, guides antiSpam

In the cases in that one is going away to do emailing, I offer a service of formation about how sending electronic commercial communications without risk, being safe of not being €œespameando€?, and in which the obligatory content will be seen that they must include the post office, how they must be structured, etc.

Electronic commerce

The obligations offline are also applied to the surroundings online, that in addition have its specific dispositions. The consumers have certain right that we must know and respect for obvious reasons, reason why is important to take it equal from in serious that would be taken in a traditional business. The conditions of purchase, shipment, right of desestimiento, etc. must be detailed, but always from the knowledge of the effective legislation (it does not serve to put any thing).

Adjustment LOPD

The privacy of your clients or users is very important, so we will help to understand you how the Law in this scope works and to plan and to execute concrete measures to construct a value of privacy in your business.
If personal character data are successfully obtained, the files in the Spanish Agency of Protection of Datos are due to register (AEPD), is necessary to write up specific texts in the places in which the data are captured, to write up the security document and to implant a series of measures and processes in relation to him, and, if it comes, to write up contracts of in charge of treatment. Normally precise of formation and advising to be well suitable to this law.