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Social communication and networks

A precise project competitive Web of attention in multitude of areas, and considering that the important thing is to take care of the business in himself, can be recommendable to delegate in some of them.

Especially as regards search engine optimization it is required to spend long time. Nowadays it is necessary to write up contents for the blog, search suitable images with which to accompany them, to publish in social networks, to take care of commentaries, etc.

Freelance writing of contents

Writing of contents

I collaborate with different editors specialized in thematic (medicine, health, right, etc.), and can also offer more reasonable specialized writings less €œlow COST€? and as far as price.
Knowing that it is not enough with any writing type, but among others things have to know a clearly intention SEO, I am very demanding as far as the quality of texts and pass multitude of filters before being published.

Community freelance manager

Community manager: creation and management of social profiles

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, are excellent channels to communicate to us with our users and to create a relation with them. But our time is limited, and of course neglecting them does not agree to have or unheeded. I offer services of Community to size Manager, based on the intensity that needs.

Community freelance manager images

Election and purchase of images

A content without an image that accompanies it has very many less effectiveness. The information saturation causes that every time we are more sluggish to read, and it knows that the contents without image lie down not to work. I facilitate the election and purchase of free images of rights to a reasonable price.