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Analytical Web and Maketing online

Analytical Web and Marketing online

On any scale (great or small budgets) he is very recommendable to elaborate a plan of analytical measurement, as well as to define certain strategies of marketing online.

Thus we will be able to measure with exactitude the benefit that generates an announcement in a specialized portal, or the investments in payment announcements, as well as to purify the steps that are to follow the user until fulfilling the objectives that we have defined in our page.

Plan of analytical measurement?

Analytical Web and plans of freelance measurement

It sounds complex, but it is still a more or less simple and logical process. Summarized form, one is to define some objectives (to carry out a sale, to subscribe to newsletter, filling in a contact form, to unload a content) and to start up a series of tools that allow us to measure results:

I thought that this of Marketing online was for great companies

Freelance marketing online

In the past mainly they invested in marketing the great portfolios, of great budgets (able to pay the analytical tools, and to campaign of television, he presses, radio) or one took control on small scale (door-to-door, pamphlets) or €œcompletely without information€?, without knowing the return the investment. But at the moment, thanks to the social networks and to the existence of gratuitous tools of analytical Web, it is possible to even have an active attitude as far as marketing online with budgets very fit.
For example, if thanks to a good plan of measurement we detected that:

That easy?

Partly. Marketing online is adaptable a very flexible area, burglaryable and to almost any type of budget. Developed well it can give certain control us on the sales, and allow us to grow of maintained and stable form.
That, yes precise one of tools, a good strategy (to study the competition, to mark some clear objectives), to know and to concentrate in our users, to agree with them where they spend his time and to offer the suitable content to them. It is necessary to have a relation with them, based on offering useful information, serving and to obtain that they buy to us and in addition they recommend to us.


One is not due to trust that with having presence in Internet, the clients they are going to rain of the sky. Given the high level of competition in almost all the sectors, it is precise to have an active attitude as far as marketing online, on the scale that is.
I can help to size elaborate and to start up a measurement plan, to choose the channels in which it is possible to be invested, and to identify the return of the investment of each of them.